Halloween for the Hungry

Why Halloween? Why the Hungry?

It’s a night about community, fun, creativity, and magic, but it also presents an opportunity to raise awareness about hunger. Camelot Elementary has the opportunity to help out those who do not have enough to eat.  This Halloween, along with all the candy and festivities, please donate an item or two of nonperishable food. When you help feed those who struggle with hunger, you put smiles on faces, including your own.

Starts: Oct. 21st

Ends: Oct. 30th.

Suggested foods: Any Non-perishable items and kid friendly foods: Spaghetti-O’s and other canned pasta, Macaroni and cheese, Top Ramon noodles, canned soups, canned fruit and vegetables, fruit cups, fruit juice, pudding cups, pasta and sauce, gravies, instant potatoes, rice, granola bars, cereal, instant oatmeal, pop-tarts, instant hot cocoa, popcorn, and crackers.

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